Sullen Model Search @ Ink Mania 2018


  • 1'st place: gets multiple features on all Sullen channels, becomes an official Sullen Angel USA, receives a Sullen clothing pack, wins an aftercare package, a free photoshoot, 2 Ink Mania 2019 VIP tickets and €500 CASH.
  • 2'nd place: become official Sullenwear Belgium Angel, receives a Sullen clothing pack, wins an aftercare package, 2 Ink Mania 2019 tickets, a free photoshoot and €300 CASH.
  • 3'rd place: become official Sullenwear Belgium Angel, receives a Sullen clothing pack, wins an aftercare package and €200 CASH.

The Sullen Model Search is a way more than a regular miss contest. We don't only judge your looks but it's also about your tattoos, your attitude and your style.
Convince us that you are unique and that everything's right to become an professioneel model.

Don't forget to read the rules:


This contest is for females only, maximum 30 ladies allowed so be quick!
Every participants gets an online promotion picture card, designed by Ink Mania!
The more promotion you make on your personal social media, the higher your chances of being the winner of our contest!
Promotional flyers used must be bought with Ink Mania using the official Sullen Model Search template.
All contenders must attend the event on 29 and 30 June and 1 July in Hasselt Belgium.

Promotional Flyers:

If you want to make extra promotion, flyers can be bought at Ink Mania. This is not mandatory but this will help your online & live voting results. Promotional flyers used, must be bought with Ink Mania using the official Model Search template.

Judges & Hosts:


  • Lauren Brock
  • Tanja Dexters
  • Manou Kersting
  • Karac Wilson (previous winner)
  • Cece Estrella (previous winner)


  • Becky Holt
  • Noel Lallemand


All contenders must be tattooed and will be judged on personality, looks and tattoos.
All these things count for the contest:

  • Online voting (on our website)
  • Amount of daytickets sold
  • Online Likes on your Facebookpage (made by Ink Mania)
  • Live voting by the visitors of Ink Mania
  • Judges vote

Registration Fee:

All you have to do is sell at least 5 Ink Mania daytickets! (Payment of the tickets after selling them.) Registration includes the mandatory outfit to wear during the judging.
You don't need to look for sponsors, and all the other typical miss/mister requirements. (All selected candidates need to pay a €50 deposit which will be given back right after the event.)

Cut-off Time:

All contestants must be registered before 1st of May, that's the deadline for the online casting. You'll get a definite answer whether you can take part on Tuesday 15th of May and then the online voting starts!
The contest will be LIVE @ INK MANIA 2018

Other Info:

Your presence at Friday isn't mandatory, however we recommend your presence in order to practice for the contest. On Friday we'll also have a free photoshoot and free workshop and practice.
All participants must be available from 16h - 22h on Friday 29th of June, 12 - 22h on Saturday 30th of June and from 12 - 21h on Sunday 1st of July. Official contest apparel will be given out at the event. There will be a photoshoot and a catwalk with all the participants on Friday and Saturday. There will be a catwalk and the contest on Saturday and Sunday. Coaching by a model professional is provided by Ink Mania and the Judges will consist of well known professionals.

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Sullen Model Search


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