Ink Mania 2017

About us

INK Mania is way more than any other tattoo convention, and we are breaking through all taboos on this topic with our first event.

With a lot of pride we present to you our INK Mania Tattoo & Lifestyle event, open to the public and focused on entertainment and innovation.

Get to know our unique INK Mania universe, where we will make you experience the history and making of tattoos, their artists, the lifestyle surrounding them, cars and motorcycles, live bands and entertainment, and some things unseen for the Belgian convention world. Have you ever heard of Suspension Piercings or Death Do Us Part? What about traditionally handpoked tattoos? Or are you here to see the sexy Fuel Girls in action? We give you the possibility to experience these things first hand at our convention, along with high quality performances and entertainment.

The heart of this convention is not to reach only die hard tattoo fans, but to be open to everybody that is interested, to break the taboos, to spark some curiosity in this amazing world.

INK Mania offers a new eye-opening experience for all kinds of people, without prejudices. Be yourself, be curious, and be amazed by this amazing new universe within the Belgian scene.

Practical information


Grenslandhallen (Ethias Arena)
Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70 3500 Hasselt


Line H3 Stokrooie/Kiewit-Godsheide
Line 20a Hasselt-Lanaken/Maastricht
Line 36 Hasselt-Genk
Line 45 Hasselt-Maaseik/Maastricht
You can find more info on DE LIJN


Station Hasselt and then the bus.
More info on Belgian Rail


Brussels Airlines fly to Belgium.
In Brussels, take the train to Hasselt.
At the station take the bus to the Ethias Arena.
More info on Brussels Airlines